QualitySolicitors Lockings are working in partnership with Dove House Hospice to raise funds during Make a Will Fortnight, which runs from 15-26 October 2012.  Money is raised by waiving their usual fees in return for a donation to Dove House Hospice. Richard Allen, Managing Partner of QualitySolicitors Lockings in Beverley, Hull and Hedon says:
“The take-up rate on wills is very low at around 30% for the whole of the UK.  Yet making a Will is such a simple process and it puts the mind at ease to know that financial affairs and a person’s wishes are in order.   Anyone who is a parent, owns property, is married, has become a grandparent, has money in the bank or is getting a divorce, really should have a Will because it gives you the power to choose how assets are dealt with upon death – not having a Will can cause significant turbulence within the family at a sensitive time.”

“Dove House Hospice is hoping to raise £10,000 through their first Make a Will Fortnight.  I invite local people to contact us direct to make their will to help Dove House Hospice and secure their family’s financial future in the way they choose.”

To make a Will, please contact QualitySolicitors Lockings on 01482 300280 to arrange a meeting during Make a Will Fortnight (15th to 26th October).  Donations will be made to Dove House Hospice instead of paying QualitySolicitors Lockings for preparing the Will.  Donations will be sent direct to Dove House Hospice.
Make a Will Fortnight 2012 covers basic wills and mirror wills.  If your requirements are more complex, QualitySolicitors Lockings will require further payment and a fee should be agreed before continuing to write the will.

Please note there is no obligation for you to leave a gift in your will for Dove House Hospice by taking part in this scheme. However, if you wish to leave a legacy which will go on to help local people using the services at Dove House Hospice, QualitySolicitors Lockings will advise you on this.