1. Price

What the guide says

“You should expect to be told the full price up-front, but you should check if there are any hidden extras and if they have paid a referral fee for your custom. Ask what fee you will be charged in the event your sale does not go through.”

What we offer

Here at QualitySolicitors Lockings, we are fully transparent about the fees we charge and any referral fees that we receive and we guarantee no hidden extras.

We have a dedicated team who can provide very clear price estimates, which will include all of our fees and the third party costs from the outset. Our fees will only change on very rare occasions, where the work involved with your purchase is complicated by unforeseen circumstances, but we’ll inform you immediately if this is the case.

We’re also proud to offer a ‘No Sale, No Fee’ service, meaning you will not be charged if your purchase does not complete. You may, however, lose any surveyor, mortgage or search fees you have paid up to that point.

2. Quality

What the guide says

“Do they have online reviews? … If your property is more complex than normal (leasehold, shared-ownership, listed building etc.) do they have the specialist skills to handle your purchase?”

What we offer

Our online reviews show that we put the ‘quality’ in QualitySolicitors Lockings. You can read our reviews straight from Google or on Solicitor.info, which has verified reviews from our clients in Hull, Beverley and across East Yorkshire.

We have a very talented pool of dedicated property lawyers who have years of experience and are more than qualified to handle even the most complex residential property purchases. Don’t just take our word for it though, call us for a clear price estimate today and ask to speak to one of our lawyers if you have any leasehold, shared-ownership or any other property query.

3. Service

What the guide says

“Will you have a named contact? How will they communicate with you (phone, email etc.) and how often? Do you prefer online or in-person service? Do their opening hours suit you? Do they have experience conveying properties in your local area?”

What we offer

Our level of service in property transactions has developed from more than 50 years of serving in Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire, which makes us the perfect choice for purchases nearby and elsewhere in England and Wales.

We have offices in Hull and Beverley, so we can discuss your purchase with you by telephone or at our offices – whichever suits you. It’s also possible for us to verify your identity electronically, so you don’t have the hassle of bringing original documents into our offices (unless you want to) or having another professional verify them for you (which can cost you money as well as time).

We believe in more speed, less stress conveyancing and make buying and selling property straightforward. We will keep the process on track, give you clear timescales, eliminate foreseeable delays and keep you posted at every step. Don’t just take our word for it – have a look at our reviews online to see what real clients have said about us. You can also feel safe in the knowledge that we’ve been highly commended at the independently judged and highly prestigious LFS Conveyancing Awards in the category of ‘Regional Conveyancing Firm of the Year, Yorkshire and North East 2018’.

4. Mortgage

What the guide says

“Are they on the panel of approved legal representatives for your mortgage lender?”

What we offer

We are on all Mortgage Lender panels apart from Sainsbury’s Bank (where we are on the waiting list – so currently if your mortgage is with Sainsbury’s then we can act on your sale, but not your purchase).

Not all solicitors are on all lender panels as we are. If your chosen solicitor is not on the panel of your chosen mortgage lender, you may have to pay the fees of another solicitor who acts for your lender, which can as much as double the solicitor’s fees for your purchase.

Overall rating

The government’s ‘How to Buy Guide’ sets out very clear criteria to analyse a conveyancer’s services before you commit. As you can see, we come out on top in every category and wholeheartedly back the quality of our services.

To see our service difference for yourself and enjoy more speed, less stress conveyancing, contact us today for a free no obligation estimate:

Email – newestimates@lockings.co.uk

Telephone – 01482 595208

Text/Out of office hours mobile – 07494474041

Online – www.lockings.brighterestimates.co.uk